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We practice what we preach, not by destiny but by choice. 

Whether you are our employee, partner, or customer, we value our relationship equally. Since Inception we have built our reputation on the strength of relationships.

Needless to say we are people centric. At RKSK, each individual is committed to achieve our business goals, strictly adhering to the strong human values that have become pillars of our organization.


Equality                    -  Equal opportunities in hiring, promotions, training, benefits and compensation, using consistent pay practices.

Integrity                    -  Transparency of action and thought; we are honest in all our dealings and will always stand for what is right.

Respect                     -  We show respect for one another by treating everyone with dignity and fairness and encourage individual                                    growth to fullest potential.

Fairness                     -  Open consideration of varied opinions and perspectives. No bias against any of the stakeholders.

Customer Orientation  -  Awareness, that every transaction has a customer, then to focus their needs for their satisfaction. 

Winning with the help of right attitude, collaborative teamwork, innovative thinking and high quality of service is our corporate


The Rama Group of Companies is a leading member of the Indian domestic panel as well as steel industries. In Rama Group since 1996 we have always planned for the future with a highly dedicated team and achieved our ambitious goal with the help of hi-tech infrastructure and result oriented after sales service.

RKSK Steel India Pvt. Ltd. - [Associate Co.RAMKUMAR SURESHKUMAR]


RamKumar Sureshkumar is a partnership firm dealing in all types of structural steel, M.S. Plates & TMT bars etc. manufactured by “SAIL / TATA / RINL” and Re-Rollable Reinforcement & Structural Steel manufactured by “A” Class Rolling Mills/Conversion Agent of SAIL / TATA.

We are an ISO 9001-2000 certified firm and also authorized dealers of M/s Steel authority of India Ltd. Bhilai.The firm is acting as the bridge between main producers and different projects & Institutions.



After the hands on experience in business and our dedicated commitments to our clients RKSK has launched its own TMT-500 Bars in the market to provide the best product & Service with the name of “RAMA TMT” to justify their punch line “Mark of excellence”.



Our new unit has been set up at Rudrapur in Uttrakhand state which is highly sophisticated ultra modern high-tech plant & first of its kind in India which took the first step on its feet from April 2007. All the products manufactured under both the units have their ISI Certification from BIS. The systematic & innovative approach has yielded further results upgrading both the units with ISO 9001:2000 certification in a short span of time.



Rama Wood Craft has the latest & most modern machineries, State of Art Technology, well equipped R&D facilities, well established laboratory with all testing facilities, qualified & experienced technical staff & workman. The use of best selected hardwood raw material & stringent quality control has yielded products of premium quality & durability having 100% extra strength than the products made from softwood.



With integrated facilities at multiple locations and an ever expanding market opportunity, Jagdamba Saw Mill has diversified from a single product company to a multi-product company making it's own identity to gain an abstract and concrete value at the same time.


Work in SPONGE RUPL, setting a personal standard, has been using the highest quality .Billets Using a significantly high FeM Sponge Iron gives us an edge to produce high quality Billets. With a wide range of diversity in our products